Betty's & Jan's wedding

Vettelhof, 30.08.2014

Usually I would write this text in German but since at least half of Betty’s and Jan’s guests were from anywhere BUT Germany, it seems mandatory to write in English this time :)


Jan and me used to be fellow students back in uni but unfortunately –despite a shared near death experience in Sweden ^^- we haven’t seen each other ever since because Jan moved to Taiwan for his job. Good for him because that is where he found Betty and decided to get married. Reason enough to ask me if I would like to accompany his wedding with Betty this year. Sure, I would! And guess what… he has not changed a bit after 8 years. Betty and Jan got married in a beautiful, little castle near Bonn. Someone told me that they used to shoot Rosamunde Pilcher movies there, so I guess, you get an idea what kind of castle we are talking about :) Perfect setting for a wedding including horses in the backyard, ducks on a pond, and a dedicated library that was so comfy that you would never want to leave once you are in there with a book. You could not exactly call it “bright, sunny day” during the actual ceremony but hey… no one wants a one-hundred-and-TEN percent perfect wedding. 100% is way enough :)Well… I (!!!) had heaps of fun at their wedding and I am veeery sure that –despite all their duties as hosts- Betty and Jan enjoyed it, too. Check out the pics for some proof ;)