Falon's & Gordon's wedding

Hamburg, 12.09.2015

I met Gordon more than 12 years ago when we both worked for Disney in Florida. Back then we sold Beer and Bratwurst to American tourist in one of the Disney parks :) It was a great time without worries and responsibilities. Well, I guess the responsibility part has changed now…now that Gordon is finally married :) However, I was more than delighted when Gordon asked me almost a year ago if I could take pictures at his wedding. We had a lot of catch up to do when we finally met for the first time in person in more than a decade at their wedding day. Gordon also introduced me to Falon, his wife. And … wow… she looked absoluuuutely stunning with her wedding dress and her Indian ornaments.


A wedding does not photograph itself so I had to go to work eventually :) I unpacked my cameras and started to take the first pictures. It's times like these when I love my job: Top notch location, perfect weather and a beautiful couple. With these kinds of conditions it is actually quite hard to take bad pictures. Anyhow, I hope I can live up to Falon's and Gordon's expectations. After all they are pretty much into photography themselves. But see for yourself and take a look at some of the pictures ;) Hope, you like…